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fot. Anna Formicka

Our specialisation is:

Company law, business law

  • formation of companies, including drawing up Company Deed and Bylaws/Articles of Association
  • handling of shareholders’/stakeholders’ meetings
  • making changes to the National Court Register records
  • restructuring of companies (M&A, cross-border mergers, division, liquidation)
  • advice on commercial contracts (including JV, consortium, agency, distribution, licensing agreements, etc.)

Civil law, real property trading

  • legal advice in all civil matters, including: family matters, inheritance matters
  • preparing and reviewing civil law contracts
  • legal assistance in the purchase or sale of real property, real property division, cases of usucaption, easements, expropriation

Intellectual property rights, e-commerce, new technologies

  • comprehensive assistance to entities operating in the IT and e-commerce sectors
  • preparing copyright transfer agreements, licence agreements
  • recovery of damages for breach of copyright, trademark protection
  • preparing and reviewing regulations/ general terms and conditions of contracts (including distance sales, telephone sales, online services provision)

Tax law

  • tax consultancy (including PIT, CIT, VAT, double taxation)
  • representation during tax inspections and in tax proceedings
  • representation in court cases concerning decisions of tax authorities
  • preparing applications for tax interpretations

Agricultural law

  • legal aid in the area of trade in and leasing of agricultural land, including the purchase of agricultural real property by foreigners
  • support in contacts with the National Agricultural Support Centre (KOWR) / Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMiR)
  • advising on agricultural land subsidies

Handling court cases

  • reprezentacja przed Sądami powszechnymi w sprawach cywilnych, pracowniczych i gospodarczych
  • reprezentacja przed Sądami administracyjnymi (w tym: skarga na decyzje Samorządowego Kolegium Odwoławczego, skarga kasacyjna od wyroku Wojewódzkiego Sądu Administracyjnego)

Labour law, posting of personnel abroad

  • preparation of employment contracts, work regulations, remuneration regulations, other acts of internal company law
  • legal advice (including redundancies, trade unions, posting abroad, temporary work, hiring out of employees)
  • representation of employers during labour inspection, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) inspection
  • representation of the employer/employee before a labour court

Training in various fields of law

  • professional training courses conducted by speakers who are legal advisors with many years of experience in the practical application of the fields of law covered by the training course
  • training courses in various fields of law, including: personal data protection (GDPR), civil law, labour law, corporate law

Personal data protection

  • preparing and reviewing documents on personal data protection (including: personal data processing agreements, data processing notices)
  • representation in proceedings before the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection

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